That’s what we are asking all Australians aged 60 years or over.

October 1st is International Day of Older Persons. To celebrate we’re asking older people – that’s anyone over 60 (sorry, we didn’t make the rules) – to film and upload a video of themselves (or have someone else film them) sharing the one piece of advice they would give to their younger self. The collected advice will be curated on a site dedicated to sharing Australia’s wisdom, one nugget at a time.

If you’re 60 or older (or have an older person you love), get involved and share your advice with a short video today. Scroll down the page to submit your footage.

What is the wisdom project?

Our society has grown ambivalent about the wisdom of older people.

In the past, older people have played critically important roles as advice-givers. Over time this role has dwindled as people turn to online resources, celebrities, other forms of media or their peers for assistance. Often older people are cast aside as “old”, “naïve” or, dare we say it, “useless”. That’s just not true!

For those of us who have been lucky enough to have a special older person in our lives, we know that they are a fountain of knowledge. They have lived long lives, made many mistakes, and seen and experienced many things that we will never see or experience! They have stories and advice for every situation – stories that are inspiring, hilarious or just plain cheeky. We want to capture these stories and not let them be lost forever.

So, The Wisdom Project was born. Together we are building an online space where older people can share their age old wisdom and life lessons with the younger generation and generations still to come!

What you need to know before filming

1. Keep your smartphone horizontal when filming, it just looks better.

Horizontal not vertical

2. Keep it short, please share videos no longer than 2 minutes and no larger than 20MB.
3. Before submitting your footage, ask for the permission of the person being filmed. It’s just the right thing to do.

Get involved and share your advice video today.

  • Accepted file types: mov, mp4, .
    Please keep file upload size to maximum of 20MB or no longer than 2 minutes total.


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