Why you should expect more with Provider Assist

In this, one of our most popular videos, Pete Watson, Jacqui Banham, Peter Morley, Frank Price and Vivian Allanson speak passionately about what’s at the heart and soul of Provider Assist.

Discover who we are, what we do and why we do it.

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Pete Watson: There is a saying that we often here in aged care, and that is it’s good enough for aged care. It just really makes me angry, because it’s not good enough for aged care. Nothing is good enough for aged care. We should strive, everyone should strive for so much more. It’s not good enough for our grandparents, it’s not good enough for your grandparents, and it shouldn’t be good enough for aged care.

Jacqui Banham: We are passionate about making a difference, making a difference to the resident’s life and the last phase of their life. We want sites to remain viable so they can provide the care that the resident so richly deserves. Our nurses are passionate clinicians first and ACFI specialists second.

Peter Morley: We should expect more in the aged care industry because of the changing landscape. So over the past seven years, I’ve been working in the industry with providers, all day every day, and I’ve seen a huge change in the way that people are going about business in the aged care business. So obviously we’re always looking at the resident care and the resident outcomes, and this will never change.

Frank Price: The aged care industry is evolving, and with that evolution we have residents that are coming in today whose expectations are much greater than they were, say, 10 years ago. And as I see it, Provider Assist’s intentions or motto of “Expect More” is a reflection of the changing expectations of our industry.

Vivian Allanson: We should all be doing more and not just more of the same. But we’ve got to be challenging the way we do things. We’ve got to challenge the way we approach funding. We’ve got to challenge the way we approach expenses. We’ve got to challenge the way we do business every single day. But we can’t do that without the right partners around us who share that vision.

Peter Morley: So we need to expect more out of ourselves, we need to expect more out of our team, and we need to expect more out of the industry.

Jacqui Banham: To get that win-win outcome is what drives us.

Pete Watson: I want to live and I want to work in an industry that expects more, that demands more. I know everyone in aged care strives hard. They’re doing their best, and they need to be supported more, supported more when everyone expects more and delivers more.

Group: Expect more.

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