Good News Story: How Mark helped a resident with dementia hear again

In this Good News Story Mark Bravery, one of our Remarkable ACFI Specialists, shares the story of how he helped a resident with dementia hear again and the effect this had on her life.

Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Mark: When I was doing a pass for a lady and I asked her, “Can you remember these three things – apple, table, penny?” And she said to me, “Apple, mable, many.” And the “m” sound is from a glue ear. When you have liquid in your ear, you can’t hear very well.

So I asked the staff, “Does this woman have a hearing problem?” And one of ladies said, “Oh yeah, I remember when she came in she had a hearing aid in 2012, 2013.”

And I said, “Well where is it? What’s happened?” They said, “Oh no, she refused to wear them in 2012, 2013.”

They went and found the hearing aids, put batteries in, gave them to this woman, and this woman said, “Oh do I have a hearing aid?” They put them in and she goes, “Oh, I can hear everything!” And then the music program and the activities, she said, “This is great! I can hear what’s going on now.”

So with dementia, they forget that they don’t have a hearing problem. They forget that they don’t like peas. They forget that they don’t like these things. But the staff think, oh no, she doesn’t like them. She’s forgot, you know, she doesn’t want the hearing aid. Well this women, they put the hearing aid in and she was all of a sudden her life was changed. She can hear the music again. And I thought that was so amazing.

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