Good News Story: Improving facilities by implementing pain treatment systems

Delynn joins us for Good News Story and talks about how the training and advice she gave on pain treatment strategies improved the quality of care to aged care residents. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Delynn: My good news story is about a facility that I visited here in Victoria. So basically they had no physio or pain treatments for their residents or a system that they used.

So when I first got there, we used one of the physios that we use. So I recommended for them to keep using in assessment process that the physios used, so they implemented those.

And when I visited them like six months later, everything I had recommended, in regards to management of ADLs, assessing for those behaviours, and pain treatments, they took them all onboard.

So everything that I’ve learned from PA, they’ve taken it all onboard. So when I did go in to do these assessments for their uplift, they had the residents already on 4A treatments, and they had behaviours.

It was so easy. So I was like everything I had taught them, they took it onboard, they learned, and they’re going forward. And that’s my good news story. Thank you.

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