How Provider Assist builds positive relationships for better outcomes

Vivian Allanson speaks about the positive outcomes she’s experienced through Provider Assist. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Vivian Allanson: Well, in working with Provider Assist, I have a basic philosophy here at Maroba, and it’s friendship before function. We’ve built this relationship based on real openness, our ability to be frank and honest with one another, and we’ve asked them, “Look, don’t hide anything from us. Don’t pretend were doing okay if you don’t think we are. We want to hear the real story.”

And they’ve felt free with us to have those conversations so that Maroba can plan for a better future, so that we know we’re not just guessing how we’re going, we’re not just thinking we’re doing marvellously, when in fact we may not be and we may be missing an important point.

The team at Provider Assist have just really enhanced our overall understanding, but it’s been based on a positive relationship. I guess it’s like, you know, I trust these guys. I enjoy seeing them. I don’t cringe every time I hear there’s a message for me to return a call. You know, with some suppliers it’s like that. You think, “Ah, not them again.” But not with the Provider Assist team.

I look forward to our engagement with them. I look forward every time they come to our area and want to visit because they’ve always got value to add to us.

Peter Morley: The role of as an advisor at Provider Assist is basically to work with our clients to allow them to realise their full potential from a financial point of view and from a resident care. So as advisors in aged care, we’re there to help them with a full range of solutions, whether it being from the active funding all the way through to management recording or benchmarking.

So at Provider Assist we have a team of advisors who have been working in all sizes of the industry from a 7 bed, 10 bed provider in regional up to 4,500 bed provider in a national landscape. So as advisors, our passion is to help our clients, which then in turn will end in resident outcomes.

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