Improving ACFI performance – Receive the funding you’re entitled to

Viv Allanson, CEO at Maroba Aged Care Facilities, and Frank Price, COO at RFBI Aged Care, talk to us about the benefits of Provider Assist’s MyVitals. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Vivian Allanson: Provider Assist has a great program called MyVitals, and so they’re actually monitoring, sort of like a heart monitor honestly, monitoring our ACFI arrangements and income and how we’re travelling with that. So that’s a great service, which I think is a very affordable service that they provide to help us. In doing that, they are able to then offer us a service to help really improve our ACFI performance. So we’re able to set up our own team, but we really needed a lot of help.

Frank Price: We have found it to be very helpful for our organisation in regards to not only providing us with the funding that we’re entitled to, but also ensuring that our staff have the resources and the knowledge to be able to be self-sufficient and do it for themselves.

Peter Morley: The common concerns and issues that organisations have with their funding is, in the past, they haven’t had the access to data or management reporting. So what we’ve been able to do is we have a service called MyVitals, which we have a sample size of around 100,000 residents or beds that we’re analysing every day. So now what organisations, from CEOs to the executive team, to the nurses, to the staff on floor, they’ve actually got the information to make informed decisions. So they can take the data and place themselves against like-for-like organisations. So now they’ve got this information to be able to use to make informed decisions.

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