The NWAU: Why we’re using $185 for our Analysis

If we’ve completed our Complimentary Clinical AN-ACC Analysis for your organisation – you’ll see that we are using $185 for our NWAU – so why is that?

National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU)

Funding will be based on the National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU). The NWAU is essentially an expression of resource allocation. 1.0 NWAU will have a price attached to it. No one knows what the price attributed to the NWAU will be as it hasn’t been released. The Department have indicated this will happen closer to implementation date. They have given us a few points to conservatively work with though!

More than ACFI!

As per written confirmation from the Department:

“The Government did announce in the Budget that significant funding uplifts through the Government Basic Daily Fee Supplement and funding to support Care Minutes will be paid through AN-ACC from 1 October 2022.”

The above message was mirrored in a webinar presented by Nigel Murray – Assistant Secretary in the Funding Policy Reform Branch in the Aged Care Group of the Department of Health, in which he used $185 (the current Average ACFI rate) as the example for his explanation but went on to say that he expects NWAU to be more than ACFI (exact quote below) Here’s what he said:

And most recently the Department has released this Fact Sheet confirming again that it is likely to be more than $185.

We shall see!

We would expect it to be at least this!

Even though it is exciting that all indications point towards increases in funding, it all comes with significant compliance increases in line with the 5 pillars of the Aged Care reforms. So even if your analysis says you’ll be better off – be cautious as you will not be comparing apples with apples and will need to consider:

  • The additional costs under the 5 Pillars of Aged Care Reform
  • The supplements that are being rolled into AN-ACC, including the Viability Supplement.

Using $185 makes the AN-ACC rates look like:

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