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My Vitals


MyVitals is a free monthly benchmarking and management reporting system that allows you to compare your facility’s data to other facilities across Australia. You can also see the difference between your current and potential income and track your performance over time.

MyVitals is a 100% FREE service.

Supplement Recovery

Supplement Recovery

Since 2002 we have worked with over half of the residential aged care facilities in Australia and we have found that 92 % of these facilities have missed out on valuable funding.

By preparing all required documentation and tracking the progress of your claim, we help ensure that your facility receives the level of funding your residents are entitled to.

ACFI Care and Management Solutions

ACFI, Care and Management Solutions

ACFI Care & Management Solutions provide a remarkable approach to optimising both funding and care in your facility. This system consists of three tiers of in-house comprehensive ACFI assessment and related care services.

ACFI Angels
Quickly close your funding gaps.

ACFI Executive
Maintain a sustainable ACFI function.

Allied Health
Resources to deliver care directives maximising funding and care outcomes.

Expect More

Our industry is fuelled by compassion, but compassion can only be effective when paired with the finances required to support care initiatives.

That’s what Provider Assist is all about. By pairing intimate knowledge of the aged care industry with expertise in the area of ACFI and finance we help aged care facilities, like yours, identify funding opportunities and care initiatives to help you better support your residents.

The result for your facility is elevated care, improved working conditions and a more profitable organisation.


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