MyVitals for AN-ACC is here!

The MyVitals for AN-ACC Workflow Dashboard

Easily keep track & optimise your AN-ACC Workflow

Daily Data: Combining data daily from:

Services Australia (your Claiming Data & Payment Statements) & My Aged Care (AN-ACC Assessment Requests)

Ways you can connect your data to MyVitals

Plan, review, & optimise your AN-ACC Workflow with our all new MyVitals Software. Clinically driven, business-minded software to ensure you’re being funded for the care you’re delivering.

Track your performance over time and compare your Organisation to multiple benchmarks to find out exactly where you’re excelling and where you can improve.

Snapshot of MyVitals organisation & benchmarking graps

Manage your Assessment & AN-ACC Workflow as Residents Enter, Depart, and require Reclassification.

Snapshot of MyVitals Assessment & AN-ACC graphs

Stay on top of your Care Minutes targets with the comprehensive Dashboard.

Connect multiple sources of data, that are updated daily, so you have the complete picture!

Ways you can connect your data to MyVitals

MyVitals Benefits

A Complete Picture

Connect multiple sources of data for a complete picture of your AN-ACC.

Track & Optimise

Easily plan, review & optimise your AN-ACC Workflow, ensuring you are being funded for the care you are delivering.


Compare your Organisation’s performance to multiple benchmarks to see exactly where you excel, & where to improve.

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