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MyVitals Online!


MyVitals is our fully-automated reporting and benchmarking system to assist with your claiming. It provides your Organisation with visibility into current and potential income and most importantly, it provides actionable data you can use to make Facility-transforming decisions. Right Now MyVitals users have access to some additional complimentary AN-ACC Reports & Analysis and education by request:

  • AN-ACC Financial Impact Analysis – deeply explores how your ACFI to AN-ACC transition will impact funding
  • AN-ACC Benchmarking – Compare your Organisation against almost 40,000 beds
  • Pain Management Program Evaluation
  • Introduction to AN-ACC Education


MyVitals Platinum

Powerful Reporting and Workflow Software that provides actionable insights and data about your Organisation’s performance in revenue and workflow activity that drives revenue. It ensures you have complete transparency into your performance now and over time.

  • Benchmark against the largest Aged Care Benchmark in Australia
  • Manage your Assessment, ACFI, AN-ACC and Evaluation workflows
  • Priority List of Resident Assessments based on AN-ACC Reassessment triggers, Care Evaluation Workflow inputs & our unique algorithms based on over 30,000 Assessments


AN-ACC Transition

It’s important that the information you’re relying on moves at the speed you need to through this transition. Although MyVitals will go under significant rebuilds for AN-ACC, it’s important you have transparency now. So right now, as well as the MyVitals platform, get access to your:

  • AN-ACC Transition Reports & Dashboards
  • Priority lists for AN-ACC Reclassification
  • Care Minute Target Transition Reporting

MyVitals Benefits

Fully Automated

Once you connect to MyVitals it provides powerful operational insights for every level of your organisation - at the click of a button.

Actionable Data

Easily identify and take pro-active actions to improve income and measure their impact over time.


Compare your facility’s performance to relevant industry benchmarks.

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