Funding, Fees & Billing

Funding, Fees & Billing

Our Financial Services Team will support your Resident Billing & Accommodation funding and revenue optimisation processes and greatly improve your Resident experience by increasing clarity and understanding and reducing confusion and errors.

Supplement Recovery

We make claiming your lost supplements easy

Provider Assist’s Supplement Recovery service is designed to help Organisations claim missed past and present supplement income or just as a free sanity check that your systems and processes have this area of your Organisation under control. 

Since 2002 we have worked with over half of the Residential Aged Care Organisations in Australia and found that 92% of these Organisations have missed out on valuable funding. We successfully claim much of your missed funding, however, over time there may be items we can’t, so it’s important to conduct this review at a minimum every 2 years.  

By preparing all required documentation and tracking the progress of your claim, we help ensure that your facility receives the level of funding your residents are entitled to. 

Resident Billing Support

We reduce confusion in your Resident billing

This area of Aged Care is complex and because of this, we know many Providers struggle to get it right. Every month we reconcile your Commonwealth Payment Statement in order to provide you with the Billing list that your Commonwealth Payment Statement indicates you should be billing your Residents.  

This ensures your entitled revenue is received and greatly improves your Resident experience by increasing clarity and understanding and reducing confusion and errors. 

Resident Fees & Funding Management

Comprehensive Fees & Funding Support

Depending on your requirements, we offer 2 different levels of ongoing Fees & Funding Management, whether your team needs support or you want us to take care of the whole function – we can tailor a solution to your needs.