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PA provides Strategic Aged Care Specialist Solutions & Resources in the areas of: Clinical, AN-ACC, Accreditation, Fees & Funding to help your organisation thrive.

Using our powerful tools & systems built from years of experience, over 25,000 comprehensive clinical assessments and 500,000 resident fees and funding reviews, we identify opportunities for better performance.

We can help with: 


Easily keep track & optimise your AN-ACC Workflow

Plan, review, & optimise your AN-ACC Workflow with our all new MyVitals Software. Clinically driven, business-minded software to ensure you’re being funded for the care you’re delivering.

Track your performance over time and compare your Organisation to multiple benchmarks to find out exactly where you’re excelling and where you can improve.

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AN-ACC & Clinical Solutions

Managing AN-ACC is harder than meets the eye but also provides certain workforce and Model of Care synergistic opportunities that will greatly enhance your Organisation.

The things that will impact AN-ACC the most are also the things that will impact care, compliance and even Resident Experience.

AN-ACC Health Check (Complimentary)

The information you need to make your plan

Do you want to know exactly how much AN-ACC Funding you are missing right now? Book a complimentary AN-ACC Health Check & receive free AN-ACC Education!

Your AN-ACC Health Check:

  1. We conduct remotely
  2. We audit a sample of your Residents
  3. We estimate the number of your Residents with missed funding


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Clinical & AN-ACC Management

In this Solution, you will:

  • Receive the AN-ACC funding you’re entitled to for the care you’re delivering.
  • Be confident your Assessment, Documentation & Care Plans are compliant against the standards and written to support the AN-ACC tools
  • Ensure your team are fully educated in the tool and how to deliver Congruent care and have access to Clinical Experts when they need it to ensure the common AN-ACC pitfalls are handled in the moment they need to be
  • Be confident your Reclassification workflow is optimised and your Cost of Resident Turnover is being navigated
  • Have consistency and transparency in Care Minutes to ease the burden of Rostering and Workforce planning.

AN-ACC & Reclassification Mastery

By the end of this Program, your team will be able to:

  • Complete Comprehensive Holistic Assessment, Documentation & Care Planning that support the AN-ACC Tools
  • Identify & Prepare Residents for AN-ACC Classification and Reclassification Visits
  • Identify and close gaps in Care Delivery that will impede AN-ACC Scoring
  • Estimate AN-ACC Classifications
  • Receive the AN-ACC funding you’re entitled to for the care you’re delivering
  • Have consistency and transparency in Care Minutes to ease the burden of Rostering and Workforce planning.

Funding, Fees, & Billing Solutions

Our Financial Services Team will support your Resident Billing & Accommodation funding and revenue optimisation processes and greatly improve your Resident experience by increasing clarity and understanding and reducing confusion and errors.

Supplement Recovery

We make claiming your lost supplements easy.

Provider Assist’s Supplement Recovery service is designed to help Organisations claim missed past and present supplement income or just as a free sanity check that your systems and processes have this area of your Organisation under control. 

Since 2002 we have worked with over half of the Residential Aged Care Organisations in Australia and found that 92% of these Organisations have missed out on valuable funding. We successfully claim much of your missed funding, however, over time there may be items we can’t, so it’s important to conduct this review at a minimum every 2 years.  

By preparing all required documentation and tracking the progress of your claim, we help ensure that your facility receives the level of funding your residents are entitled to. 

Resident Billing Support

We reduce confusion in your Resident billing

This area of Aged Care is complex and because of this, we know many Providers struggle to get it right. Every month we reconcile your Commonwealth Payment Statement in order to provide you with the Billing list that your Commonwealth Payment Statement indicates you should be billing your Residents.  

This ensures your entitled revenue is received and greatly improves your Resident experience by increasing clarity and understanding and reducing confusion and errors. 

Resident Fees & Funding Management

Comprehensive Fees & Funding Support

Depending on your requirements, we offer 2 different levels of ongoing Fees & Funding Management, whether your team needs support or you want us to take care of the whole function – we can tailor a solution to your needs.  

Accreditation Sustainability Roadmap

Our Accreditation Roadmap shines a light into your organisation’s facilities, affirming what is working well and what areas could be even better if improvements were made.

In this sustainable solution we empower, support, encourage and partner with you on your Accreditation journey. We do this by sharing insights, educating and mentoring, enabling your team to achieve great outcomes for your consumers.

We take a 3 step approach:


The purpose of Discovery is to shine a light on what you’re currently doing, focusing on what you’re doing well and what could be even better if improvements were to be made. We do this through fresh independent eyes and a corroborative approach.


The purpose of this journey is to enrich and share knowledge, encourage, inspire and empower the facility’s team to provide even better care and service delivery to its consumers. We achieve this through our core education program and mentoring key team members. These education sessions have been developed as a direct response to feedback received from the Royal Commission and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.


The purpose of Executive is all about sustainability. Our PA Executive will partner with your team, to give ongoing mentoring and support on key improvements that the facility wishes to make. In other words, you’re not doing it alone.

Allied Health

Directives to care outcomes

One of the biggest roadblocks to delivering innovative care is the lack of resources available to deliver on care directives.

The Provider Assist Allied Health service provides specialist physios, dietetics, occupational therapists, treatment nurses and a range of other services for long-term partnerships and continuous support.

AN-ACC Education

AN-ACC Essentials

Get in touch to find out more about the AN-ACC Education we offer!