ACFI, AN-ACC & Clinical Solutions

ACFI , AN-ACC & Clinical Solutions

Our ACFI & AN-ACC Services quickly close funding gaps now with ACFI and prepares you in the same way for AN-ACC. 

ACFI Angels & AN-ACC Preparation

A clinical approach to quickly rectify your ACFI, AN-ACC and care delivery gaps

ACFI cannot be claimed retrospectively so every day your organisation under-claims, revenue is lost forever. Leading up to a funding tool change, ensuring you receive all your entitlements now leaves you in the best possible position for that transition.  

Our team are Registered Nurses and experts in ACFI, AN-ACC, Comprehensive Clinical Assessment & Documentation. This intensive, fast-paced service is designed to quickly help your organisation identify and rectify revenue gaps in ACFI now and prepare you for AN-ACC, without placing a burden on your team. 

We also support greenfield and brownfield sites with the admission of their Residents and initial comprehensive assessment, ACFI appraisal and AN-ACC set-up.  Ask us about our tailored service. 

ACFI Management (AN-ACC Transition)

Let us take care of your Care Funding Management

Our Specialist Clinicians will take over the ongoing management of your ACFI claiming, workflow management and AN-ACC Preparation in order to achieve sustainability for your Facility. With our Specialists managing your ACFI workflow by completing all ACFI related assessments, updating Care Plans accordingly, and preparing each Resident for AN-ACC, this service ensures each facility is consistently achieving their entitled ACFI income and mitigating the cost of Resident turnover.  

Your Facility can be assured that the business rules are strictly adhered to for all claims we submit, will be supported through any ACFI validations, and prepared to transition seamlessly to AN-ACC.  

Clinical Documentation

Upgrade your Clinical Documentation & Evaluation systems 

Clinical Documentation & Evaluation systems underpin success in Accreditation, ACFI and AN-ACC. It’s critical that your systems and documentation are optimised. We will conduct an audit and develop a plan to ensure this area of your Organisation is taken care of.