Good News Story: The challenge of gaining resident trust

In this week’s Good News Story, Allen Jones, one of our remarkable ACFI Specialists, talks about how he convinced one resident it was in his best interest for staff to manage his medication.

Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Allen: There was a gentleman that was managing his own medications and clearly he had a cognitive deficit. However, the staff when they were approaching him about this were having great difficulty in convincing him of the need for staff to manage his medications.

So when I entered this gentleman’s room, the first thing I did was I scanned his room just to see if there was anything that could give me a conversation point to talk to him. I noticed that he’d actually come from South Australia originally. He was previously a doctor, and he had his university degree up on the wall. So I spoke to him about that, and that gave me the road in.

Rather than telling him that we needed to remove things, I made him make the decision himself. When I say I made him make the decision himself, I asked for his help in resolving an issue. He put forth the idea that it would be better for the staff to be dealing with those.

So as a result, in terms of what he needed, he accepted and was grateful in the end with the conversation and handing over his medications for the staff to manage. So from my point of view, that is a success story, because you want to make sure, and we have to in aged care, that we are managing medications appropriately.

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