How Provider Assist Affects and Improves Operations

Viv Allanson, CEO at Maroba Aged Care Facilities, and Frank Price, COO at RFBI Aged Care, talk about how Provider Assist have helped their facilities improve operations.

Viv Allanson: On the operations, with the team expanding the way that it has, it’s improved our operations in that, yes it has improved the bottom line. Now, it hasn’t improved it to the point where we’re going to have mammoth surpluses, because here at Maroba we choose to plow back those opportunities, those surpluses, into the care provision. So yes, we have seen that the operations have improved, and we have seen an incremental improvement to the bottom line, but it’s great because we’re getting to choose where we assign those surpluses and how we distribute them back for resident benefit.

Frank Price: It provides us with an opportunity to provide additional services to our residents, that because of our regional and rural locations, we’re unable to provide, such as the physio service. Physio requirements are quite important and the service from Provider Assist is of great value to us.

Viv Allanson: And I’ve found the senior leadership team is much, much more engaged in understanding ACFI and understanding how it is meeting residents’ needs, and how they can support every program around our ACFI and our ACFI team.

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