Revenue Executive is Here!

Save your team hours and reduce billing errors each month.

We’ve created Revenue Executive so that you can:

  • Easily view, export and work with your Residents’ entire funding and fee history
  • Access organisational performance and opportunities
  • Better understand your adjustments and cashflow behaviour
  • Base your future forecasts on real data

Explore and Export your Resident, Funding and Fee Data to see what’s missing or quickly solve billing queries

Drill all the way down to your Residents and Payment Types. Explore and identify Adjustments, Accommodation Contribution amounts, Rate Changes, Entries, Departures, Annual and Lifetime Caps as soon as they happen. You can do this easily yourself through our software or let our team identify them for you.

We’ve even made all this data exportable in table format for those of you who’d like to tinker with it yourselves!

Resident and Organisation-level insights with complete transparency

Track your funding, fees, occupancy and more for your entire Organisation. Explore your data, identify trends, isolate funding categories and experience complete transparency over your funding and fees.

Never miss Means-Tested Care Fees, Accommodation Contributions and Accommodation Supplements ever again

Explore and view your Means-Tested Care Fees, Accommodation Supplements and Supported Ratios by both Claim and Entitlement Month with a simple toggle. Reconciling against Fee Letters has never been easier.

Monthly data testing across multiple sources

We use and test data from several sources to ensure you’re working with the most accurate and up to date data. Payment Statement changes won’t impact you ever again!

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Shavin Perera

Funding & Performance Partner

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