Why focus on income generation, not cost cutting

Our ACFI and Clinical Services Director, Jacqui Banham, speaks about the difference that proper funding can make to your aged care facility and the level of care offered to your residents. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Most managers in aged care are nervous about spending money. And that comes largely from having to keep within budgets, having to be very careful about what they spend money on. And so when they’re up for a cost, a significant cost, the often response is, “No, we can’t afford it.” And I guess I would try and work with that person to see, “Actually you can and you should be getting what you’re entitled to receive.” And taking them on that journey of “You need to invest in order to gain, so it’s spend money to make money,” that sort of scenario. And get them to see the benefit of doing that and what difference that’s going to make to their organisation and also to the residents that they’re caring for.

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