The evolution and future of Aged Care

Peter Morley (Director Income Solutions at Provider Assist), Viv Allanson (CEO at Maroba Aged Care Facilities), and Frank Price (COO at RFBI Aged Care), discuss the future of the Aged Care industry. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Peter Morley: Well, there’s a lot of talk about what the aged care industry will look like in the next 10 years. A lot of people think there’s only going to be a few providers, so a few major providers in the aged care industry where a lot of the private organisations are taking it over following countries like the U.K. and so forth. I think there’s always still going to be a place for definitely your community-based, your not-for-profit organisations out there.

Frank Price: The aged care industry is evolving, and with that evolution we have residents that are coming in today whose expectations are much greater than they were, say, 10 years ago. The residents that will be coming into the future, their expectations will be greater still. For us to be able to achieve these increased expectations, we need to expect more. We need to expect more from our staff. We need to expect more from our technology, from our buildings. And to be able to achieve that, we need to be generating appropriate returns so we that can invest more into the business.

Vivian Allanson: I think the future for aged care for many people is looking very scary because they can’t picture what it could look like. Now, here at Maroba we’ve been talking for a few years now about what would a real consumer direct care model look like at Maroba. If we could just dream big and not have any boundaries or borders, what could it possibly look like? And I have to tell you, people are limited in what it could look like. They can’t see beyond what they’ve become so used to, and yet I’ve been a nurse for 40 years, and all I can see is possibilities.

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