This August on Twitter – Aged Care wrap up

Every month we round up some of most popular topics covering aged care in Australia on twitter. This August we highlight the problem with turning a blind eye to our older homeless population, the new initiative seeking to tackle dementia, the taxation of aged care workers and more.

The global dementia epidemic

Alzheimer’s Disease International have released the 2015 World Alzheimer Report, finding that an estimated 131.5 people will be living with dementia. You can download the report and view ADI’s key recommendations for combatting dementia by visiting their website.

What one hospital’s negligence says about the state of societies concern for our elderly

Outrage has spread across social media as this horror story for one elderly woman gains traction. 

Australian hospitals are falling behind in offering age-friendly care

Stories such as the one above are forcing the healthcare industry to consider it’s obligation to providing quality care to the elderly.

How aged care workers are taxed

Tax time is a little different for aged care workers, as they’re able to claim a long list of deductions related to the industry. Find out how to get the most at tax time in the article linked below.

The problem with turning a blind eye to our older homeless population

Over Homeless Prevention Week (August 3rd – 9th), Australian Ageing Agenda reported on the complex care needs of the elderly as a contributor to the growing older homeless numbers.

We need research to properly address the issue of falls in dementia sufferers

Falls are a serious issue in older people with dementia, claims a professor in the health industry. Without the right research, a solution is out of sight. 

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