This March & April on Twitter – Aged Care Wrap-Up

Every month we round up some of most popular topics in Aged Care on twitter. This month we saw many tweets on the rise of technology in Aged Care and how it can be used to improve the lives of residents. We also saw awareness being raised for the LGBTI residents and heard the new funding announcement from the Government. Further along in April the Aged Care Roadmap was released and staffing issues in aged care were highlighted.

Aged Care Roadmap

This April the Aged Care Sector Committee released the Aged Care Roadmap to the public. The Roadmap outlined a number of proposed changes, such as the deregulation of aged care places and prices, the quality framework becoming streamlined, a single assessment framework and the ability for consumers to use their own government contribution and money with any registered provider. Stay tuned in to the federal Budget on the 3rd of May by following #auspol and access the Roadmap here

Ignoring the needs of our ageing population

An article written by Sarah Russell and published in @theage gained some traction during April, when it brought attention to the lack of qualified staff working in aged care facilities. The article speaks of the decline of Registered nurses in aged care and also raises concerns on the poor and fast-tracked training of personal carers. Sarah raises a great point in that facilities need to ensure staff are well-trained, competent, honest and caring, so that residents receive the quality of life the deserve.

$910 Million to go into Aged Care

On March 18th 2016, Minister for Health @sussanley and Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care, @KenWyattMP announced the $910 million funding boost to the aged care sector. This announcement was made alongside the 2015 Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) results and new arrangements for the 2016 ACAR. It is expected that this funding from the Turnbull Government will create 17,385 new aged care places in Australia. 10,940 of these will be put towards new residential places and 6,445 towards new home care places.
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Give your iPod’s a second life!



This picture has been all over Twitter this month, and we love it! We all have an old iPod lying around the house, so why not brighten someone’s day and donate it to an aged care facility? Not only does everyone love some nostalgic music, but @ABCcatalyst recently showed us the effects of an amazing new program, Music and Memory. This program shows how a personalised music playlist can help people with dementia obtain memories that were once thought lost. Take a look at Betty’s story below!
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What does the future of Aged Care look like?

Technology in Aged Care were huge topics of discussion this month on Twitter! @Telstrahealth held their HealthConnex with some amazing topics covering tech solutions such as TeleHealth and 3D medication and prosthetics printing. @ArtsInHealth’s The Future of Ageing convention ‘Imagineering the Future’ session discussed Virtual Reality and digital companions in an Aged Care setting. Deakin University and Samsung are trialling the Holly Project, an in-home Aged Care platform, developed to help elderly Australians live in their homes for longer. The future of Aged Care will be very interesting, especially with innovations such as Paro the Seal (check him out! #parotheseal) For more news on Technology in Aged Care, follow these hashtags! #HCX2016 #PlayUp2016 #telehealth #digitalhealth

Treating LGBTI people with dignity

News Reports of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGTBI) community having to face coming out again in Aged Care stimulated discussion on education and awareness for Aged Care workers. @weareuniting became the first faith-based Aged Care provider to be recognised for their commitment to the LGTBI community, tweeting #welcomingyouexactlyasyouare. What a powerful message that should be standard for all people entering Aged Care. @iFECCA highlighted that it is time that the industry and services recognise and provide for the diversity of older Australians. Educating Aged Care workers to understand the history and specific needs of the older LGTBI community has been put into action by the @ACH_Group. We love the idea of the Free to Be project – what a fantastic program. #LGTBI

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