This May on Twitter – Aged Care Wrap-Up

Every month we round up some of most popular topics in Aged Care on Twitter. This month, the talk was all about the 2016 federal budget and its impact on the aged care industry. There was a lot of discussion on the cuts to ACFI and 24/7 nursing, as well as celebrations for International Nurses Day and National Volunteers Week.

24/7 Nursing

The NSW Baird government’s decision to abandon 24/7 RN nursing in aged care caused plenty of discussion this month. There were plans to have requirements for aged care facilities to have a Registered Nurse available at all times, a condition which was also supported by a recent NSW Parliamentary inquiry. Many people have raised concerns of how this decision will impact residents’ health, with the inquiry finding that even federal regulation does not ensure proper safety and care of those in aged care.

ACFI Changes

After $1.2 billion over four years was cut from ACFI in the federal budget, many were wondering how they would be impacted. The changes are due to take place on July 1st 2016 and January 1st 2017, with the government saying that the savings will be put into other areas of health policy. Labor has slammed this decision and promised to review ACFI if elected, but peak bodies have challenged Labor’s ability to do so. #auspol #ACFI
Check out Provider Assist’s recommendations and watch our very own Jacqui Banham’s message: Keep calm and take action!

Budget benefits for the Rural and Remote

Despite many cuts to aged care in the recent federal budget, the Viability Supplement will be getting a $102.3 million boost over the next four years. The supplement was originally introduced to ease the pressure on providers in remote and rural locations around Australia, but has since been using outdated Census data from the 1990’s to identify locations in need. Although these changes have been welcomed, many are unsure as to whether they will make a difference after other budget cuts in aged care.

Nurses Day

May 12th was International Nurses Day, where we appreciate all of their non-stop hard work and dedication. A huge shout-out to all of the wonderful nurses who care for us and our loved ones – thank you! #internationalnursesday

National Volunteers Week

May also celebrated National Volunteers Week, which recognises all of the wonderful and generous volunteers who dedicate their time to helping others in aged care, as well as many other areas! #nationalvolunteersweek

Calls for measuring quality in aged care

Advocates have been calling for systems that will measure quality of services provided in aged care, similar to the popular platform ‘TripAdvisor’. Although a platform that allows people to review healthcare experiences called Care Opinion has recently been launched in Australia, it has not yet been introduced in aged care. The government is trialling an implementation of 3 quality indicators in aged care, which include use of physical restraint, pressure injuries and unplanned weight loss. Advocates are calling for more quality of life measures though, so that families can make more educated decisions.

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