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Provider Assist offer a range of services to provide aged care organisations the tools to run an optimised, efficient, & leveraged business model. Firstly, we identify – using our powerful tools & systems built from years of experience, over 20,000 comprehensive clinical assessments & over 500,000 resident reviews, we identify opportunities for better performance in funding, systems, clinical governance & processes. Secondly, we shift – in this stage we formulate a plan to fulfil these opportunities to quickly close funding gaps, recover past funding not claimed & implement systems & processes for more comprehensive assessment & improved quality outcomes. Lastly, we empower – we transfer our knowledge to your team & provide coaching, powerful software & ongoing education to ensure the shift is sustainable & all aspects of Aged Care business performance, care, quality & financial are optimised.

By partnering with us, organisations are finally able to provide residents with the remarkable level of service, care and dignity they deserve, all whilst exceeding desired business outcomes.



How much funding is your organisation missing?

MyVitals is a free monthly benchmarking and management reporting system that allows aged care organisations to compare their data to other organisations across Australia. See the difference between your current and potential income, and track your performance over time.

MyVitals is a 100% FREE service.

Supplement Recovery


We make claiming your lost supplements easy.

Provider Assist’s Supplement Recovery service is designed to help organisations claim missed past and present supplement income.

Since 2002 we have worked with over half of the residential aged care organisations in Australia and found that 92% of these organisations have missed out on valuable funding.

By preparing all required documentation and tracking the progress of your claim, we help ensure that your facility receives the level of funding your residents are entitled to.



Our Accreditation Roadmap shines a light into your organisation’s facilities, affirming what is working well and what areas could be even better if improvements were made.

In this sustainable solution we empower, support, encourage and partner with you on your Accreditation journey. We do this by sharing insights, educating and mentoring, enabling your team to achieve great outcomes for your consumers.

We take a 3 step approach:


The purpose of Discovery is to shine a light on what you’re currently doing, focusing on what you’re doing well and what could be even better if improvements were to be made. We do this through fresh independent eyes and a corroborative approach.


The purpose of this journey is to enrich and share knowledge, encourage, inspire and empower the facility’s team to provide even better care and service delivery to its consumers. We achieve this through our core education program and mentoring key team members. These education sessions have been developed as a direct response to feedback received from the Royal Commission and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.


The purpose of Executive is all about sustainability. Our PA Executive will partner with your team, to give ongoing mentoring and support on key improvements that the facility wishes to make. In other words, you’re not doing it alone.

ACFI & Clinical Solutions


Our ACFI solutions aim to quickly close funding gaps then empower your team and ACFI Funding for sustainability.

We also provide a free ACFI calculator that allows you to create, save and export your ACFI calculations. Click here to register and use or download our ACFI Calculator App for free.

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ACFI Angels

A clinical approach to quickly rectify your ACFI and care delivery gaps

ACFI cannot be claimed retrospectively. This means that every day your organisation under-claims, that revenue is lost forever.

ACFI Angels are a team of Registered Nurses and experts in ACFI and comprehensive clinical assessment who step into organisations in times of high ACFI appraisal needs. This intensive, fast-paced service is designed to quickly help your organisation identify and rectify revenue gaps, without placing a burden on your team.

We also support greenfield and brownfield sites with the admission of their residents and initial ACFIs.  Ask us about our tailored service.

ACFI Mastery

We transfer our knowledge & processes to you to create true sustainability

Our ACFI Specialist will take your team through our exact comprehensive assessment and ACFI process for 2 of your residents. Your key team are coached through every step and the wider team will also be educated on the key areas relevant to their roles and your organisation.

ACFI Executive

Maintain a sustainable ACFI function

Your clinical team is provided with a dedicated Provider Assist Executive who provides clinical and industry insights, including keeping you updated on anything new (i.e. a new funding tool); challenges claiming profiles; and assists in planning to achieve business goals. The Executive provides regular monitoring of the data and offers strategic and clinical advice to support the clinical and corporate teams to achieve the best outcome.

ACFI Uncovered

Be part of the aged care revolution

ACFI Uncovered is a knowledge based program designed to empower your people and improve your operational income. ACFI Uncovered ensures consistent knowledge across your organisation and helps to create a sustainable ACFI model. This online education program ensures all staff understand the important link between care and claim. Encompassing 16.5 hours of online training for your entire organisation, ACFI Uncovered is endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing and generates CPD and CNE points for each course. The ACFI Uncovered online training series contains 15 individual ACFI courses.

For more information about the 15 ACFI Uncovered courses visit our Online Store to learn more and book your education series package today.

Allied Health

Directives to care outcomes

One of the biggest roadblocks to delivering innovative care is the lack of resources available to deliver on care directives.

The Provider Assist Allied Health service provides ACFI specialist physios, dietetics, occupational therapists, treatment nurses and a range of other services for long-term partnerships and continuous ACFI support.