I’ve already had my AN-ACC shadow assessment visit – what can I do?

The Department have confirmed that prior to the implementation of the new AN-ACC funding tool, there will be an opportunity to request reassessments for where a classification no longer represents a Resident’s care needs. Our thoughts on this area are: this is great – and we will help you do this.  

Don’t rely on this – there will be HUGE demand and you will be much better off getting it right from the beginning. We estimate this will occur from April/May 2022, if there are no delays to the current timeline but no specific time-frames for reassessment have yet been released. The Department have also indicated that the implementation date may be pushed out due to factors including COVID-19 – so if that happens, the reassessment period is likely to change also.  

So, what does that mean?

How do we prepare for the AN-ACC Shadow Assessment visit? If you have already had your Shadow Assessment visit – talk to us about how to approach re-assessment. 

Not yet had your Shadow Assessment visit
Use it – don’t wait for the reassessment period, it will be in high demand and the rules are still unclear. Better to get it right, now. 

You’ve had your Shadow Assessment visit
We’ll start preparing your Residents properly now so we can devise a reassessment plan. Being organised and early will be key.  

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