Welcome to Provider Assist’s FIRST EVER Impact Report!

In 2017, to reconnect our day-to-day to our impact and to continue to make changing the lives of older Australians our beacon, we set out on a social impact measurement journey to embed it in our culture forever. We realised, if we are saying that the entire reason we exist is to impact older Australians, shouldn’t we be able to define that impact and measure and report on it?

We’ve learned a lot through this process. We’ve already made changes, big and small, to enhance our impact. We’ve also learnt how far we’ve got to go to make the impact we want to make. But we now have a clear picture and a roadmap to get there.


Not only are we releasing our first ever Impact Report but we’re also kicking off our Changemakers series. After going through our impact journey, we want to help share some of what we’ve learnt along the way. We want to help inspire and guide you on the journey to discovering your own impact and how to improve it, and showcase the Remarkable changemakers in the industry and how they are driving impact!

In this series there’ll be a little bit of everything for everybody, so don’t worry if you’re new to the concept of impact or if you’re an impact veteran! So this year, you’ll hear it from our team members, our leaders and the industry! Just remember, not every change needs to be big to make an impact on the lives of older Australians.

Still not sure if impact fits into your business model? Well we’ll also tell you about how impact can be the love-child of purpose and profit.

So stay tuned for our first ever article of the Changemakers series coming very soon.

Welcome to our first ever Impact Report.


Kelly The Provider Assist Team


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