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Partner in Care: Clinical Care Coordinator: To complete assessment, documentation and care planning placement to maintain compliance in documentation and to maintain funding.
We asked Pam Carnock, CEO of Wheatfields Incorporated, to tell us about her experience with Provider Assist
Pam Carnock

Tell us about the challenges being addressed: 
Initially we engaged Provider Assist to support our CCN to step up into the role of CCM. We also had some systemic issues to address, which required staff training in areas such as continence management, wound care and quality.

Tell us about the solution put in place:
Utilising the Partner in Care service, we required a PA Clinical & AN-ACC Specialist to take on a mentorship role for our CCN to step up to a CCM role.

Tell us about your experience:
Not only did the PA Clinical & AN-ACC Specialist (PJ) help train and mentor our CCN, but he also provided significant training across the organisation to bring our nursing and care staff up to speed with best practice.

PJ has provided toolbox sessions for all floor staff, addressed areas of quality and helped write Position Descriptions for staff members so they may take responsibility for particular areas. He’s also offered advice on workforce structure given his wealth of experience working at many different aged care facilities and has presented to our board on some of the challenges we were facing.

PJ has provided direct care for our residents but is most valued for offering a fresh set of eyes throughout our organisation. For example, he’s worked closely with our wound care lead and has reduced the number of active wounds from 30 to 26. He’s also supported us in the transition to the Strengthened Aged Care Standards by assisting us in compiling our documentation required for the commission.

Would you recommend the Partner in Care Service and our Provider Assist Specialists?
Yes! PJ has been remarkable, and his energy and enthusiasm has been contagious among our staff. Our culture has really lifted since PJ has been amongst us and our staff are feeding off his energy and commitment to quality care for our residents. What initially started as a mentorship role for our CCN to step up to a CCM role, has delivered far beyond our expectations. We’re delighted with PJ and would have him back in a heartbeat.

A huge thank you to Pam for sharing your experiences with us, we are very grateful to have you as a part of the Provider Assist community.

Meet PJ Camania, one of our superstar PA Clinical & AN-ACC Specialists (you may recognise him from our Case Study!)

Hi, you can call me PJ, I'm a whirlwind of curiosity and activity. From the tranquil waters of swimming to crafting culinary delights, strumming guitar tunes, and setting drum rhythms, I'm a multi-faceted enthusiast. My creative side thrives through content creation, photography, and even a dabbling in oriental massage therapy. What makes me unique? I'm an old soul in a young body, forging deep connections with people. Can't forget my daily ritual – coffee and book in hand; they're my essentials.

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