What is the Provider Assist difference?

Frank Price from RFBI Aged Care and Viv Allanson from Maroba Aged Care talk about the difference of Provider Assist from other Aged Care supplement recovery businesses. Watch the video or read the transcription below to learn more.

Vivian Allanson: My experience, and the Maroba team experience, in working with Provider Assist people has been nothing but positive. I would have to say our relationship has been based on friendship, not on function, and out of that friendship has come some very effective functions. And it had to be a relationship with trust, because I know that nurses can be very protective of their patch and don’t like to accept other experts in the field to come and tell them how they ought to be doing or approaching ACFI or other parts of the work that they do. But because we’ve approached it more as a relational arrangement rather than just a functional arrangement, it’s been really easy.

Frank Price: We’ve obviously, throughout, since the introduction of ACFI, we’ve worked hard to get a very good understanding of what’s required. We’ve used other organisations in the past to help us, but the difference between anyone else and then Provider Assist is that they actually educate our staff, and there’s a knowledge transfer between the two organisations which helps us become self-sufficient and responsible for our own outcomes.

Vivian Allanson: I know the team that comes in. We get our regular ACFI angels, so I’m seeing those guys. I feel that they’re part of the staff, part of the team. They just fit right in, and even though we can’t always offer them the same space to work in, they just roll with it and just fit in with what’s happening here at Maroba. But the ACFI team have really appreciated the input and the consistency from Provider Assist personnel.

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