Viv answers: What is your experience of working with Provider Assist?

Viv Allanson from Maroba Aged Care in Newcastle offers her experience on what it’s like to work with Provider Assist and their ACFI Angels. Watch the video or read the transcription below:

“The team at Provider Assist have just really enhanced our overall understanding, but it’s been based on a positive relationship. I guess it’s like I trust these guys. I enjoy seeing them. I don’t cringe every time I hear that there’s a message for me to return a call. Like, you know, with some suppliers it’s like that. You know, you think, “Oh dear, not them again,” but not with the Provider Assist Team. I look forward to our engagement with them.

I look forward every time they come to our area, and want to visit because they’ve always got value to add to us. It’s never just about, “Well, what else can we sell you, Viv?” It’s, “Now what more value can we add for you?” Anad if what they offer doesn’t suit me, and there’s been some that I just can’t step into, you know, they don’t go away making me feel awful about that. They go away saying, “Well, look. If there’s anything else that you think of that we haven’t thought of, how about, you know, just give us a call, and we’re wanting to help.””

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