Good News Story: Adding that extra touch to providing aged care

In this installment of Good News Story, Maggie tells us about a cheeky elderly resident who went out of her way to receive the remarkable level of care that Maggie gave to all her residents. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Maggie: I love my job. I meet a lot of diverse people. I meet some beautiful, beautiful residents. Actually, yeah, now there may be a good news story.

In this same facility, doing my rounds every day, there’s this little lady. We’ll call her Grace. And every time I passed her door she was like this in the bed. So I would go in and say, “Oh, let’s get you sorted out, Grace.” So I’d fix her up, put the pillows. Make sure, “You got everything, your water and that?” Pats the hand, you know, “Oh, you’re such a good nurse.”

So this goes on every day, and I find that she actually slides there deliberately waiting for me to walk past so that I can go and fix her and make her comfortable. And then she calls me an angel. That halo is shining again. There you go.

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