Aged Care Providers: Do you have your Data Access sorted? Act now!

Welcome to our article series on transitioning to PRODA and the Aged Care Provider Portal! In this series we have gathered the most important details to help you transition to Service Australia’s (Medicare) new digital identity verification system (PRODA) and the new online claiming portal (Aged Care Provider Portal).

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With the transition from Aged Care Online Claiming (ACOC) to the Aged Care Provider Portal (ACPP), Services Australia have created a new AC004 form with new data access levels. In this article we will compare the previous access levels to the new access levels.

It is important to note that access levels will transition from Aged Care Online Claiming to the Aged Care Provider Portal.

The access transitions are shown in the table below:

The major differences are:

Organisation Administrator – it sounds like they have more Super Powers than Harry Potter, but…
Whilst we wish we knew Harry and could ask him to cast the ‘Reparo’ spell on the process to manage access to the Aged Care Provider Portal – we don’t know Harry. And whilst Harry has superpowers – the Organisational Administrator’s only real power is the authority to sign the form and have their wishes actioned by Services Australia.

Organisation Administrators and PRODA Organisation Administrators are like chalk and cheese
The only thing they have in common are the words Organisation Administrator.

Organisational Administrators in the context of the Aged Care Provider Portal are the people authorised to sign the AC004 form. PRODA Organisation Administrators have different powers to perform totally separate functions – we will cover that in a future article! – but it has nothing to do with the Aged Care Provider Portal.

Becoming the Authorised Person (now known as the Organisation Administrator) is a clear process! Finally!
Hooray! This has been a source of confusion in the past but now the process is straightforward. Simply:

  • Fill out the AC004 form (ticking the correct boxes)
  • Get it signed by someone authorised
  • Email it to Services Australia.

Voila – you will be forever known (until your access is revoked – read further on this below) as an Aged Care Provider Portal Organisation Administrator – #lifegoals!

This process has never been all that clear until now – kudos Services Australia!

Residential Aged Care and Home Care data access is now streamlined!
Levels 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14 have been replaced with three easy to understand levels – View, Financial, Maintain and the role of Organisational Administrator.

(As we migrate to the Aged Care Provider Portal, we will never understand what why there was no level 9 and 11! We will never know and it will forever remain a mystery!

From me – goodbye old levels – I to this day, five years working in Aged Care, still get confused by you!)

You can see each Portal’s Access Levels here:

The Aged Care Online Claiming Portal Access Levels (to be decommissioned in November 2020)
The new Aged Care Provider Portal Access Levels

File Upload is going, going and will soon be gone! Goodbye!
Farewell or good riddance? Wish the channel luck as you wave it goodbye?

Services Australia have for quite some time have wanted to move away from the File Upload method of claiming. This is a tricky channel to support and also proves risky from a security point of view. It is also the channel that from Provider Assist’s experience creates the most data challenges. With this method of claiming going, Providers will need to utilise Web Forms that are available in the Aged Care Provider Portal or utilise the Business to Government Channel (B2G) channel (currently known as the PKI or Public Key Infrastructure or B2B channel).

From the Services Australia website:

Residential Care Providers that use file upload can only view and access information in the new portal. The Aged Care Provider Portal doesn’t have a file upload function. You’ll still need to use the existing portal to upload your files.

We anticipate that with the existing portal scheduled to go in November – so is the file upload channel.

User Access expires after 12 months, unless…
In the current system, User Access does not expire. In the new system, unless you specify an end date for access to the service’s data, team members with User Access will only have access to the data for 12 months.

You can view this situation as follows:

  • If users have access revoked every 12 months you will have an additional administrative process you need to complete every twelve months – and it is highly unlikely users will be reminded before access is to be revoked.
  • On the flip side, you are highly unlikely to have users who have access to your Organisation’s data for too long when they should not;
  • If you list an end date sometime in the future – for example in five years’ time – your Organisation will need strong procedures for ensuring the names of users who have access to your Organisation’s data via the Aged Care Provider Portal is regularly reviewed.

Whilst we can dream of a self-service mechanism to monitor and maintain who has access to our Organisation’s data via the Aged Care Provider Portal – it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. To review Users with access, your Organisation will need to request a list of users who have access to your data via the Aged Care Provider Portal from Services Australia, and complete the necessary paperwork to have any users who need their access revoked, revoked.

Thanks for the analysis – I enjoyed the read – what do I need to do?

Thankfully, if you have signed up for PRODA and can access the Aged Care Provider Portal, and you can access the Aged Care Services you were able to access in Aged Care Online Claiming – you don’t need to do anymore. You could choose to do the following:

Spring Clean who has access to your Organisation’s data
Spring has sprung – so what better time for an access review! To do this:

Consider any new team members that need access to your Organisation’s data
Sharing is caring! If you have Team Members that could benefit from access to your Organisation’s data:

Develop a process for ongoing reviews of who has access to your Organisation’s data
The most important takeaway is that your Organisation needs a process to maintain and manage who has access to your Organisation’s data via the Aged Care Provider Portal. This Portal should be viewed as another System within your Organisation a team member has access to. So just like when a Team Member leaves and you revoke network and email access – you need to revoke access to the Aged Care Provider Portal.

Third Parties and Access

Many Aged Care Providers are supported by third party service providers such as Provider Assist. These relationships are often deep, long lasting and are key to ensuring your Organisation can focus on delivering Remarkable Care. However, like with any team member who has access to your data – trust is impeccable here.

Data Security and building trust with Aged Care Providers are two of the key elements when establishing ongoing relationships. As such, to continue supporting your Organisation we need a minimum of View and Financial access.

If a provider requests Maintain access – your Organisation needs strong processes to review any registering, updating or deleting of events they perform – as ultimately, your Organisation is responsible for your data.

You should never grant Organisational Administrator access to a third party – even if you have an outsourced management style arrangement in place.Maintain access will cover the functions they need to perform.

How does Provider Assist use this access?

Think of Provider Assist, in particular MyVitals, Revenue Hero & Supplement Recovery as story telling services. We tell a story through data. To tell these stories we need to be able to review your data. We need to be able to do this to correct any weird stories that exist in the data, claim unclaimed funds and ensure your Organisation is performing at its peak.

Having access to this data is a privilege – we acknowledge this and our data policies can be viewed here.

Services Australia Resources

AC004 – Register, Amend or Remove Users access to the Aged Care Provider Portal:

Change is hard!

At Provider Assist – we understand you want to focus on providing the best possible care to Older Australians. We are here to guide you through the process. Contact Provider Assist and we will schedule a session where we can walk you through setting up PRODA, accessing the new Provider Portal and have a quick chat about your MyVitals data.

For more information on PRODA and the new Aged Care Provider Portal or if you would like to know more about what the transition to PRODA and the ACPP means, read our article series starting here.



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