As the sun sets on 2020, we wish you a safe and happy end to the year, and a fresh new year of hope, love & joy in 2021.


It has been, as we all know, some of the most challenging 12 months for our Aged Care community. Although we know we are bringing some of the challenges of 2020 into 2021, this is still a period of reflection and understanding of the magnitude of the challenges faced. However, the strength, resilience and beauty of our industry has always been apparent.

This year, we invite you to take a moment: it may be a moment of reflection; of celebration; of emotion surrounding all that has happened. But also take this moment to be proud of everything you have achieved, all that you have faced with resilience, the continual changes you have dealt with and still come out on the other side. This has been who our Industry is year after year and while 2020 may have been one of the hardest, we know that we can face anything.

To wrap up 2020, here is our care package to you: a selection of positive programs & initiatives we have seen released across the year of 2020 that have brought joy and we’d love to see continue to thrive; as well as a small selection of our resources and information to help guide you in the new year.

To view the resources, click on the icons in the image below, or click here for further information!

For now, we send our love to the industry and as always – please do not hesitate to reach out for anything if you need.

Click on the icons to reveal our favourite stories & initiatives of 2020, and helpful resources for heading into 2021!

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Hands down one of the best stories to come out of 2020 is the amazing Captain Tom Moore (now Sir Tom) – the man who walked laps of his garden leading up to his 100th birthday to raise money for the NHS in the UK during Covid-19, to an amount of approximately $60M AUD. Since then, he has appeared on a song that reached the top of the charts, published an autobiography & a children’s book, started his own charity and hosts a podcast series (which aims to help combat loneliness in older people), Captain Tom was also knighted by the Queen in July. You can read this interview him here; listen to his podcast here; and get involved with his charity here.

ACPP How To Guides

We wish you a ‘very happy new portal’, with the new Aged Care Provider Portal officially here, and the Aged Care Online Claiming portal heading into retirement! We have a series of How To guides that navigate you through the ins and outs of using the ACPP – you can sign up to receive these guides as they are released. You can check out the first article here!

ACSA 2020 Recognition Program

In light of the difficult year that 2020 has been for the industry, ACSA have created the ACSA 2020 Recognition Program and we are extremely proud to support this amazing program. The Recognition Program is a fantastic initiative that encourages honouring the amazing people working in Aged Care – everyone who has gone above and beyond in the most difficult of years. There are four themes of the program: Acts of Kindness, Community Spirit, Creativity and Unsung Heroes. This is the most wonderful initiative, truly recognising the impact that people in our industry make in so many different ways. Submit your contributions for individuals, teams or organisations here!


MyVitals is our fully-automated reporting and benchmarking system to assist with your claiming. It provides your organisation with visibility into current and potential income and most importantly, it provides actionable data you can use to make facility transforming decisions. You can compare your Facility’s performance against over 130,000 beds (for free!) Sign up for your complimentary report here.

Be Someone for Someone Campaign

An initiative by Feros Care, the ‘Be Someone for Someone’ campaign launched with the intention of having strangers send letters and handwritten notes to older people who were isolated. The target was set for 1,000 letters – however the target was reached in record time. Being able to recognise the difference that the program made, the campaign was kept open and anyone can participate – check it out here and join in!

Business Improvement Strategy Sessions

We currently have complimentary Business Improvement Strategy sessions available and would be happy to assist in any way that we may be able. The targeted Aged Care Business Improvement Fund (BIF) grants are available to small to medium sized Aged Care Providers and can be used to support improving business operations. Grants for the fund have been extended until 30 April 2021 and the October budget announcements saw an additional $35.6M in funding for the BIF. Sign up for your complimentary session here.

Validation Success

For many Facilities and ACFI Managers, an ACFI validation visit can be daunting. However, it needn’t be! Remember the entire point of a validation visit is to ensure your team is claiming accurately. When your ACFI claims are based on comprehensive assessment, the Resident’s care needs are clearly identified and the care plan is congruent with the assessment and the care that is actually delivered, then there shouldn’t be a problem. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still intimidating – to help you out you can download our Validation Success – Snakes and Ladders edition! For extra top tips, you can refer to our article on what’s involved in a validation here and our article on having a positive validation experience here.


As we close out this year, we send our love to the industry and as always – please do not hesitate to reach out for anything if you need.

With love, from the PA team.

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